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Monday, October 25, 2004

That Is SO Funny...
...because I'm pretending I don't recognize you right now!

Dude, I totally sold a beard trimmer to Michael T. Weiss today!

No shit, I sold a Wahl Groomsman to the fucking Pretender.

Mind you, at the time I didn't know his name was Michael T. Weiss, and I wasn't 100% sure he was the Pretender, either. The important thing is that this experience solidified a rule that, up until now, I didn't know I had.

taiwan_on's brush-with-fame golden rule is this; If you don't know a character actor's name and you aren't sure of their body of work, you don't get to step to them.

Don't do that thing where you're all; "You're that guy, right? That guy...?" because everyone hates that shit and it's awkward and you come off like an idiot anyway.

No, just smile and be (uncharacteristically, but mildly) polite and do your fucking job and just pretend he's some nice guy with a pleasant face. Chances are he doesn't really want to deal with you and your dim recognition.

Funny thing is, though, the real internal struggle for me was resisting the same excruciating urge that plagues me every time I sell someone a trimmer or shaver of some kind.

The urge to turn to the customer, deadpan, and say...

"You know you shouldn't use that to shave your balls, right?"

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Thursday, October 21, 2004


I know this risks being almost meaningless coming from such a non-sports-fan as me, but as my block erupts in a midnight explosion of chaos, only two words come to mind...

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