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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

If I was Blonde, This Would Be May Mating Call:
"Oh my gawd, I am soooooo drunk!"

Well, If I hadn't heavily edited the above title, you would know just how drunk I really am.

Thanks, D. You don;t know how bad I needed that.

Y'know Kitten, I always said I was much more of a pothead than a drunk, but you don't klnow how fast a loathsome job can turn you into an alcholholic!

Y'know, I never get drunk mid-week, but this may becaome a weekly thing!

Okay, once again, thanks to D, and depending on hoe bad I feel when I see any above typos tomorrow, this actually MAY become a weekly thing.

Cheers to all of you, whether you spend this humpday sober or not.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

why hast thou forsaken me?

Dude, when I hear about all the cool shit in the Oscar gift bags, or more specifically, all the cool shit DuWop contributed to the Oscar gift bags, I want to fucking weep.

Hey, instead of starfucking, why not help an underprivileged diva? I lead a very financially disadvantaged lifestyle, and I have the paycheck stubs to prove it, so can I be first to cue up with my little empty millet bowl?


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Support Your Local Musicians!
...and in return, they will rock you.

The always amazing CHOO CHOO LA ROUGE will be opening up for the Mountain Goats along with Manishevitz at T.T. The Bears this Friday at 9:30 PM sharpish. (further details are here.)

The show will likely sell out faster than Jesus did at the Icon Productions luncheon.

Oh, snap.

Relax, Kitten, I'm just kiddin'....everybody knows god is fake.

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